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Equine Therapy Courses


ANZAC Mounts Charitable Trust Equine Rehab Programme offers the following courses to those interested in up-skilling their equine knowledge and skills.

  • Equine Therapy for men.

  • Horse Management for men.

  • Packhorse skills for men.

  • Equine Training for men.

  • River crossings for men.

  • Working with horses in confined spaces for men.

  • Loading and unloading horses in Transporters for men.

  • Driver Training for safe horse transportation for men.

  • The classes are limited to four men at a time, so the opportunity for success is higher. This includes experiences and learning about the Outback of Te Wai Ponamu, mountainous terrain, camping out, river crossings and riding in the glory of the South Island environment.

Street Parades
Training in horse transporting
Pack horse Training
Crossing large rivers
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