40 Ashbys Road, Balcairn, North Canterbury. 


Plum Tack is based in Queensland. Feel free to contact Jill by either phone or email.



Pukatea Horse Trekking & Adventures is located at the St James “homestead”a historical site built in 1880, which is a short distance from Hanmer and is accessible almost all year round. The St James Conservation Area was one of the largest operating cattle and sheep stations in the country, dating back to 1862. This vast area is one of the most renowned wilderness areas with immense natural beauty. Pukatea horses are waiting to take you on an unforgettable horseback journey over breathtaking mountains, isolated high country, glacial fed rivers and lakes. The authentic experience immerses you in the vast history of the St James & Molesworth area leaving you with a deeper understanding of the past journeys and early exploration by Maori and pioneers when Aotearoa was first settled

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